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About the Cemetery Committee:   Extensive research and publication of cemetery data has been an on-going project of this committee for many years.  Their research is recorded and cataloged records are available for our patron's research. Volunteers are always welcomed.  The Cemetery Committee needs volunteers willing to do research at the Library of Virginia or the County Courthouse, during normal business hours. Some computer skills are necessary. 


Military History Committee's purpose is to research and interpret the military actions that took place in Chesterfield County.  The committee has been instrumental in the preservation, interpretation and maintenance of Civil War sites in Chesterfield County.  The committee has helped secure grants to purchase park land and has created all of the interpretive signs at Chesterfield�s Civil War sites. The committee published the Bermuda Hundred Campaign Driving Tour  and is currently working on an expanded version of that book. The study of the Civil War in Chesterfield is an ongoing project for the committee. Future projects include a study of Revolutionary War actions that took place in Chesterfield County, research on the WWII prisoner of war camp that was located here, and a photography exhibit that will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the United States entry into WWI.  New members are always welcome to join.


Genealogy Committee: Responsible for promoting interest in genealogical research through workshops and handling of genealogical research requests.  The goal of the Genealogy Committee is to educate and assist family researchers who are searching for and documenting their family history.  The goal of the Genealogy Committee is to educate and assist family researchers who are searching for and documenting their family history. 



African-American Committee: Responsible for promoting the research and appreciation of all aspects of African-American history in Chesterfield County.  As the preeminent organization of its type in Chesterfield County, the committee researches and celebrates the history of African-Americans. It is the committee's objective to collect and preserve an extensive archive of the rich history of African Americans in the County by documenting their important contributions to education, community development, public service, the military and other endeavors. The committee, with community help, continues to work to raise the awareness of the County's rich African-American history.  The results of our research has been presented in public exhibits at the Chesterfield County Museum and at local libraries.  Also, articles of interest are published in the CHSV newsletter, the Messenger, and in the local newspapers. 



CHSV LIbrary 

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Cemetery Research

The Chesterfield County Death Register 1853--1896.   

Abstracted by Pattie Grady (PMG) and Terry Roach (T1 & T2).  The sources marked "PMG" & "T1" are for the years 1853--1865 and are complete.  Pattie did her work from the actual register at LVA and Terry did hers from the microfilm at the local history room.  T2 covers the years 1866--1896 and are abstracts only (names, years and ages).

The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia Headquarters and research library has moved into the old historic Trinity Church .  See the news media information.  Please contact us:  (804)796-7121.  Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.


Point of Rocks History


In 1864 Major General Benjamin F. Butler began to construct his main defensive line here shortly after landing 38,000 troops at Bermuda Hundred. (These earthworks can still be seen along the edge of the park road.) This line of earthworks stretched north over 3 miles to the James River.   In the early days of the Bermuda Hundred Campaign, Butler established his headquarters near here. Union troops demolished Enon Church, which stood a short distance away, and used the lumber to build a field hospital at the nearby Strachan house. A Federal cemetery was also established near here. (After the war, the Union dead were moved to the National Cemetery at City Point.)  Click on photographs for a larger view.  Abraham Lincoln and Clara Barton were also at this site. 


Reverend John StrachenReverend John Strachan, Land Owner of Point of Rocks, c. 1865



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