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At the top of the historic 1917 Courthouse , in the courthouse cupola  or belfry hung the Chesterfield County's oldest artifact, the 1749 Courthouse Bell.  When the 1917 Courthouse was built in the eight months after the cornerstone was laid,  the old bell was reused by the County and place in the cupola where it hung for 100 years.  At the time, Chesterfield volunteers and drafted men were fighting in France in WWI.  The building, which stands on the site of the original 1749 Courthouse, has been an active courthouse most of its 100 years.

If one passes by the courthouse today and glances up, he or she would surely see the 266 year old bell.  The old bell once rang to announce to the citizens that a court was in session or an event was about to happen.  It probably rang out when the British army was fast approaching the small village of Chesterfield and again when the Union Army was advancing from Chester.  It rang loudly to warn the citizens of Chesterfield of many emergencies.  But now this historic courthouse bell is stationary, frozen rusty and hasOld Bell Gong corroded over time due to lack of use.  The wasps build their nests inside its opening and the birds are not equally as kind.  The metal gong is starting to chip away from the corrosion that pits the entire bell.  It is sorely in need of restoration.  Restorations require money and if you would like to help save the old bell, join our campaign.  We need you.


It is our desire to see the old bell is fully restored and placed in the Chesterfield Museum.  A replacement bell made of brass can be purchased and placed in the cupola.  Maybe when it is all said and done, the bell sounds will once again flow from the openings in the cupola for all to hear. 


You can help by donating any amount to the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia for the single purpose of restoring the old bell or use the PayPal button below.  Let's restore our bell! 


Additional information and photographs of the the old bell, the 1749 Courthouse and the 1917 Courthouse can be found in the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia Library at the Historic Trinity Church located at 10101 Iron Bridge Rd, Chesterfield.


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The renovation of the historic courthouse was started in 2013. The upper floors still needs to be renovated. Presently, the interior is not open to the public but on occassion a special event or tour may be arranged through the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Department.  (Visit the Chesterfield County Sherriff site).  Our historic courtroom is adorned with paintings of the judges, Clerks of Court and Sheriffs who have served Chesterfield County in the past.


Thank You VeteransThe pictureque front of the old courthouse serves to promote events important to Chesterfield history.  The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia holds one of the most anticipated occurances of the year, the annual Veteran's Day event on November 11th of each year.  At this free event we honor all veterans of all the wars our Country has been involved.  You don't have to be a veteran to celebrate Veterans Day.  Come join us to honor those who have served us and thank a veteran for our freedoms.

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