Revolutionary War Sheriff's

Captain Benjamin Branch; Sheriff

Revolutionary War Veterans and Sheriffs of Chesterfield County[1]

   Fourteen prominent Chesterfield County Revolutionary soldiers were appointed sheriffs.

  • Captain Robert Kennon; Sheriff from 1760 to 1761

  • Ensign John Hylton; Sheriff from 1767 to 1768

  • Lieutenant John Archer, Jr; Sheriff from 1769 to 1771

  • Major Thomas Bolling; Sheriff 1775

  • Lieutenant John Botte; Sheriff from 1776 to 1777

  • Colonel Robert Goode; Sheriff from 1778 to 1779

  • Captain George Robertson; Sheriff from 1780 to 1782

  • Captain Benjamin Branch; Sheriff from 1784 to 1786

  • Colonel Bernard Markham; Sheriff from 1787 to 1788

  • Captain Francis Goode; Sheriff 1789 and from 1790 to 1791

  • Sergeant George Woodson; Sheriff from 1793 to 1794

  • Captain George Markham; Sheriff from 1797 to 1799

  • Lieutenant Thomas Burfoot; Sheriff from 1790 & 1801 to 1803

  • Captain Archibald Walthall; Sheriff from 1807 to 1808


March of 1775 saw Patrick Henry recite his famous speech from St. John’s Church in Richmond, VA. "Give me liberty or give me death" were the words heard around the world. The Chesterfield Courthouse and the outlying areas were very strategic locations during the Revolutionary War. Revolutionary Colonial leaders visited the Courthouse area. The Revolutionary War witnessed many Chesterfield residents taking up arms for the cause.  The courthouse area became a training camp for the war. In 1781, British General Phillips led a group of enemy soldiers into the camp and set numerous fires forcing the camp to close. Later that year, Sheriff George Robertson was in office when the British surrendered at Yorktown.


[1] Researched by Captain Russell Lescault, Chesterfield Police Captain (Retired)


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