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The Genealogy Committee

Family History Files

Names of Chesterfield County Families collected by the Chesterfield Historical Society

These files may contain genealogical charts, correspondence, and other pertinent information about many Chesterfield families. Records of familieswho settled in Chesterfield prior to 1815 are indicated with “~”.

Research Requests 

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your research on a person,

place, or event in Chesterfield County’s rich history.  As the birthplace of

the second permanent English settlement, the first hospital,  major coal mines,

ironworks, tobacco farming, and many other significant events,

we have a history we are proud to share!
Please note that there is a minimum charge of $25.00 per research request.  

Copies and postage are extra.  Upon evaluation of your request, you will be contacted to discuss the request and anticipated charges.  Simple lookups

for births, deaths, and marriages are priced differently; the researcher

will contact you.  Please note that we have resources for Virginia and

surrounding states in our genealogy library. This library is open by

appointment. You can fill out a research request form and main it  

The Chesterfield Historical Society., 10111 Iron Bridge Rd., Chesterfield, VA 23832 by calling 796-7156 or email it to

Genealogy Research Library Book Title List  

The genealogy committee has a separate research library that covers areas

and states outside of Chesterfield County. The button below will

download a searchable PDF with a list of titles and authors available.  



Here is a copy of the 1747 List of Tithables of those residents who would be living in Chesterfield County in 1749 when the county was created.  This is from the Library of Virginia page:  " The noun "tithable" when it appears in the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century records of Virginia refers to a person who paid, or for whom someone else paid, one of the taxes that the General Assembly imposed for the support of the civil government in the colony."  The original list, conserved with assistance by the Chesterfield Courthouse Chapter NSDAR, is at the Library of Virginia.  

Below is an additional link that we hope you find useful.  


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